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Oct 27

Time to Stand Up Against the Council and Utility on Smart Meter Installation

As stated in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal as of 10-26-16, LP&L has made the decision to institute the deployment of smart meters. The smart grid’s security vulnerabilities make it a really, really stupid grid.  Former CIA director James Woolsey Clearly the council has no clue the risks that these bring to your home and your …

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Jun 01


By:  Justin and Elizabeth Padgett FEDERAL LAW The 2005 and 2007 Energy Bills were written to promote the smart grid and smart grid technologies, but they did not include any federal mandate for a wireless smart meter adoption and did not include any requirement that smart meters, wireless or wired, should be forced on all …

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Jun 01

A Message to the EUB and City Council of Lubbock

To Texas’ shame, a smart meter report entitled, Health and RF EMF From Advanced Meters, has been put out by Alan Rivaldo, an unqualified former Xerox employee turned Cybersecurity Analyst, who has absolutely no medical expertise on the damaging bioeffects of EMFs to human tissue.  Incredibly, the Texas PUC sponsored report, funded by the Department …

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Mar 26

Will L P & L Spend $600,000 to Sell Smart Meters to the Public?

At his March coffee, Mayor Glen Robertson indicated that LP & L had $600,000 advertising money they could utilize to educate (propagandize) the public on their perceived benefits of installing smart meters on every home and business in Lubbock.  He indicated that no business or resident or council member could stop this advertising or spending …

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Nov 05

SPAFF Presents “Take Back Your Power”: Documentary re: Smart Meters and the Grid

South Plains Advocates for Freedom (SPAFF) is proud to announce a free viewing of the nationally acclaimed documentary “Take Back Your Power” “Take Back Your Power” is a professionally produced documentary spelling out the ramifications of the “Smart” grid that is being installed world-wide. Our purpose is to inform the public of the little known …

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Feb 26

You Think Privacy Isn’t an Issue With Smart Meters?

Well, if Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, cannot make its own computers safe from hackers, what chance does a utility company have of keeping your data private? Microsoft data compromised, raising fears of large-scale hacking campaign READ MORE HERE

Feb 24

Rebuttal Against Public Utility Commission of Texas Smart Meter Claims

It has come to our attention that the Public Utility Commission has released a document that is being distributed to power companies and their board members all over the state of Texas.  This document was distributed to each of the board members of Lubbock Power and Light this February board meeting.  Project 40190, Project Relating to Advanced …

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Jan 18

Take Back Your Power – Official Trailer [HD]

Visit their website to learn how you can choose not to have a “smart meter”, subscribe, and support them in completing the film: Take Back Your Power is a historic community-funded film which exposes the technocratic “smart meter” agenda, by which corporations are currently attempting to quietly assert the basis for further control in the …

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Jan 09

Technocracy: Welcome to Your Controlled Future Via the Grid and Smart Meters

To truly understand what is behind smart meters, this video is worth watching.