Freedom – Most utility companies are monopolies that are not subject to the rigors of the free market that would drive them to greater customer service in order to keep their customers happy. Arrogant bureaucratic thinking is the order of the day and is most probably what is driving the relentless use of intimidation and force to get Smart Meters installed on every home in other places. Central planners have long dreamed of being able to control precisely the flow of energy to all of our homes at all times and then to measure exactly how we all use it. The argument is that if we allow them to do this, they will be able to effectively tier their pricing and charge us more for “peak use” consumption which will in turn cause us to be happier because we will then adjust our consumption habits toward more efficient usage and it will cost us less. There is something very twisted about this line of reasoning and most freedom-loving Americans reject these tactics and this thinking out of hand.

Another issue that may be driving utility companies to force this intrusive technology onto their customers is the availability of massive amounts of stimulus funds (borrowed from Communist China) for this purpose. Finally, central governments all over the planet, including ours, that are aligned with UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and many corporations that profit from it have embraced with near religious fervor the dogma of manmade global warming. This drives their irrational concern about the use of fossil fuels, CO2 emissions (without CO2 we would all die), and building more power plants when necessary to serve a prosperous population.