Mar 23

Information Goes Unanswered from Council, Mayor, and LP&L

January 19th of this year, Lubbock Against Smart Meters along with members of Texans Against Smart Meters presented information to the Mayor, city council, and LP&L and the only response we have received is from Clayton Isom.  Below is the letter that was INDIVIDUALIZED to each one of the board members, council and mayor.  Each member got a physical copy of the provided links along with a DVD of “Take Back Your Power.”

Last year we also sent a letter to council, suggesting that we have open forums so that they could answer several basic questions regarding smart meters and this is yet to happen.

January 19, 2015


Dear Mayor, Council and LP&L Board Members,

Many people in Lubbock have valid concerns regarding smart meters. We are writing to present an alternative to vendor information as well as PUC information with which you are undoubtedly being inundated. There are many aspects of the meters that people have valid concerns with, primarily privacy, security, cost, health, cyber security, grid security, and fire hazards. We will be sharing with you and the public in full transparency on our website what we are presenting the board members, CEO, mayor and city council. We would like for you to have as much knowledge as possible prior to making any decisions in regards to this technology.

This marks the beginning of the dialogue that you have been asked to have by council. We have included a video and a few pertinent articles and will be sending additional articles and information on a monthly basis so that you can be well-informed on our shared concerns about this technology.

We want to be clear that we are posting online what we are sending you so that the public is aware of what you know. Plausible deniability will not be a factor in any risk or detriment that might come from the installation of this technology.

We would welcome a response regarding the information that you are given and we will be more than happy to notify the public via our website that you have reviewed the material that we are presenting.


Lubbock Against Smart Meters www.lubbockagainstsmartmeters.com


*Take Back Your Power DVD Wired Article regarding Privacy American Academy of Environmental Medicine Congressional Research Service, Smart Meter Data: Privacy and Security (Pages 7 and 8) Texas Eagle Forum Torch, Smart Meters: No state or Federal Mandate

*If you notify Liz Padgett by email, liz@texansagainstsmartmeters.com she will be happy to pick up the DVD.