Privacy – Smart Meters collect information about your usage of electricity (the technology could be applied to gas and water also) and then communicate that information to the larger Smart Grid where it is recorded and stored at the utility company’s centralized command and control facility. SM/SG does away with meter readers who just come once a month and read the dials on your old meter for the purposes of billing you for your consumption. As you might imagine, the Smart Meter is always on, always watching for electricity usage when you wake up and turn on lights or bathroom vent fan, when you turn on your stove to cook breakfast or dinner, when you start your dishwasher or washing machine, when your AC or heater is on or when you are not home. Much of your life involves energy consumption and your living patterns will now be monitored and information collected and stored about those living patterns. We believe all a utility company needs to know about us is how much we use per billing period and if we are we paying our bills.