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Mar 23

Information Goes Unanswered from Council, Mayor, and LP&L

January 19th of this year, Lubbock Against Smart Meters along with members of Texans Against Smart Meters presented information to the Mayor, city council, and LP&L and the only response we have received is from Clayton Isom.  Below is the letter that was INDIVIDUALIZED to each one of the board members, council and mayor.  Each …

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Jun 01

A Message to the EUB and City Council of Lubbock

To Texas’ shame, a smart meter report entitled, Health and RF EMF From Advanced Meters, has been put out by Alan Rivaldo, an unqualified former Xerox employee turned Cybersecurity Analyst, who has absolutely no medical expertise on the damaging bioeffects of EMFs to human tissue.  Incredibly, the Texas PUC sponsored report, funded by the Department …

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