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Jun 01


By:  Justin and Elizabeth Padgett FEDERAL LAW The 2005 and 2007 Energy Bills were written to promote the smart grid and smart grid technologies, but they did not include any federal mandate for a wireless smart meter adoption and did not include any requirement that smart meters, wireless or wired, should be forced on all …

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Mar 26

Will L P & L Spend $600,000 to Sell Smart Meters to the Public?

At his March coffee, Mayor Glen Robertson indicated that LP & L had $600,000 advertising money they could utilize to educate (propagandize) the public on their perceived benefits of installing smart meters on every home and business in Lubbock.  He indicated that no business or resident or council member could stop this advertising or spending …

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Feb 26

You Think Privacy Isn’t an Issue With Smart Meters?

Well, if Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, cannot make its own computers safe from hackers, what chance does a utility company have of keeping your data private? Microsoft data compromised, raising fears of large-scale hacking campaign READ MORE HERE

Jan 09

Technocracy: Welcome to Your Controlled Future Via the Grid and Smart Meters

To truly understand what is behind smart meters, this video is worth watching.

Nov 15

Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters

Oct 13

Smart Meters: The Gateway to Cap and Trade

What I find baffling is how Conservatives have presented themselves as being strongly opposed to Cap and Trade, yet they have allowed this very atrocious act against the American public to be implemented through the installation of smart meters.  If you have a smart meter, you will be a pawn in one of the biggest …

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