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Oct 27

Time to Stand Up Against the Council and Utility on Smart Meter Installation

As stated in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal as of 10-26-16, LP&L has made the decision to institute the deployment of smart meters. The smart grid’s security vulnerabilities make it a really, really stupid grid.  Former CIA director James Woolsey Clearly the council has no clue the risks that these bring to your home and your …

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Nov 03

Lights Out. Smart Meters Add Another Layer of Vulnerability!

Less internet dependent equals safer!

Mar 23

Lloyd’s of London Refuses to Cover Radiation Exposure Illnesses ie. Smart Meters

According to Dr. Magda Havas, Trent University PhD, estimates that 1 out of 33 people or are disabled from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Due to risks such as these, on Feb. 7, 2015, Lloyds of London’s new renewal clause  “excludes coverage for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionising radiation exposure.” http://smartmeterharm.org/2015/03/18/lloyds-of-london-excludes-liability-coverage-for-rfemf-claims/

Mar 23

Information Goes Unanswered from Council, Mayor, and LP&L

January 19th of this year, Lubbock Against Smart Meters along with members of Texans Against Smart Meters presented information to the Mayor, city council, and LP&L and the only response we have received is from Clayton Isom.  Below is the letter that was INDIVIDUALIZED to each one of the board members, council and mayor.  Each …

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Jun 01

A Message to the EUB and City Council of Lubbock

To Texas’ shame, a smart meter report entitled, Health and RF EMF From Advanced Meters, has been put out by Alan Rivaldo, an unqualified former Xerox employee turned Cybersecurity Analyst, who has absolutely no medical expertise on the damaging bioeffects of EMFs to human tissue.  Incredibly, the Texas PUC sponsored report, funded by the Department …

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Mar 26

Will L P & L Spend $600,000 to Sell Smart Meters to the Public?

At his March coffee, Mayor Glen Robertson indicated that LP & L had $600,000 advertising money they could utilize to educate (propagandize) the public on their perceived benefits of installing smart meters on every home and business in Lubbock.  He indicated that no business or resident or council member could stop this advertising or spending …

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Dec 15

Predictions of Global Currency Reset and Discussion of Smart Meter Microwave Technology as a Weapon

Lindsey Williams on GoldSeek Radio speaking with Chris Waltzek on 4th December 2013 talking about a global currency reset that if the Elite have their way will take place within 90 days. He confirms this is not the collapse or a devaluation of the American dollar, but it will cause the dollar to lose its …

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Nov 05

SPAFF Presents “Take Back Your Power”: Documentary re: Smart Meters and the Grid

South Plains Advocates for Freedom (SPAFF) is proud to announce a free viewing of the nationally acclaimed documentary “Take Back Your Power” “Take Back Your Power” is a professionally produced documentary spelling out the ramifications of the “Smart” grid that is being installed world-wide. Our purpose is to inform the public of the little known …

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Nov 04


Are Utility Providers REALLY Seeking to Work With Consumers in Providing an Opt-Out, Or is the Public Being Shafted Again? Want to Replace Your Smart Meter with an Analog Meter?  If you do not act now, you could be paying up to $400.00 per year PLUS HUGE up-front fees!  The Power Companies transmit & distribute …

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May 04

Urgent Action Needed! SB241 Makes It Out of Committee

By the grace of God, SB241 makes a miraculous comeback with the national spotlight on the Lone Star State!  Thanks to all of your calls and efforts of “We the People!”, SB241 makes it out of committee.  Now we need  your help yet again, and we will surely be calling on you a couple more times during …

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