Oct 27

Time to Stand Up Against the Council and Utility on Smart Meter Installation

As stated in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal as of 10-26-16, LP&L has made the decision to institute the deployment of smart meters.

The smart grid’s security vulnerabilities make it a really, really stupid grid.  Former CIA director James Woolsey

Clearly the council has no clue the risks that these bring to your home and your family.  Some of the concerns include house fires, hacking, right to privacy, health risks, expensive opt-out or extortion fees.  These meters allow time of day pricing, which allows them to charge more during peak hours, thus controlling your lifestyle to some extent.  Smart meters measure energy.  Only you can save energy.  Damage to appliances have occurred.  The cost of the smart meter program is estimated to be 20 million according to one LP&L member, but 30 million is another quote.

The modus operandi across the country of the deployment of these meters is usually to create chaos by having faulty billing and getting the people stirred up and upset about the incorrect charges.  Then smart meters become the solution.  Could it be that the staff at the EUB has encouraged a similar pattern, which of course could never be proven, but why is it that we have not had billing issues in the decades that we have had analogue meters up until now.

There has been NO cost benefit analysis provided to the public.  There has been NO transparency to taxpayers.  The life expectancy of these meters is quoted as 15 years, but already nationwide the average life span is closer to seven, effectively doubling the cost, which doesn’t include cyber security analysts, extravagant software upgrades, nor does it cover property loss due to damages and Lloyds of London, a major insurer, will no longer touch the meters because of  issues mentioned above and the fact that the emissions are equal to a class 2b carcinogen according to WHO.

The meters form a sort of network in your house that you didn’t set up or ask for which will communicate to an average of 15 different devices in your house effectively creating an electrosmog that you didn’t invite into your home.  Technology is great, but it should not come at the price of your health, and if someone wants to monitor electricity or manage their electricity more effectively, a family can go to a home improvement store and purchase something that is much more user friendly.

In addition to all of this, Lubbock has been deploying smart meters in new construction without a resolution by the council approving such actions.  By their passing one now, they would admit they had been deploying these illegally.  The council is in a big mess right now.

If you value your health, privacy, and control of your own house and destiny, you will oppose these meters.

Please glance at this document that was presented to the State Affairs Committee that was prepared and presented by Sheila Hemphill.  This document beautifully illustrates the dozens of problems that come with these meters.  Wake up, stand up, and speak out.  Let your voices be heard.  If the council moves forward, there will be a charter petition drive, and possibly some recall elections.  Please contact us if you are willing to collect signatures and become active in this area.

DOCUMENT PRESENTED TO THE STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE This document is being sent to every council member via return receipt and who are effectively responsible for every word in this document.  If these meters cannot be insured and are actually deployed, maybe we should be looking at how much these officials are bonded for and hold them accountable for any damage above that amount.

In Liberty,

Justin Padgett