For a primary understanding of smart meters and the threats they pose, view the above video. To print out the NO CONSENT FORM and visit the steps to preventing the installation of smart meters on your home click here.

West Texans have always been independent, free-thinking folks who basically mind their own business and expect the same treatment from others.  Now, that independent spirit is being threatened by a monopolizing city utility with a possible go-ahead from City Council to install smart meters on the city.  At this time, our city holds a one billion dollar debt, yet we are told by LP&L that they can start the process of smart meter installation for 20 million dollars which will only be a down payment.  We have yet to discuss or have open meetings about the negative impacts smart meters can have on a community.

This is not just a local problem.  Groups all over the United States, as well as in other countries, are fighting for a moratorium on this unproven boondoggle which is funded by borrowed stimulus money.

Over the past several years Smart Meter/Smart Grid technology has been deployed worldwide including in America. Literally tens of millions of meters and thousands of grids have been forced on the citizens of many countries by their utility providers without citizen input. This technology involves the replacement of analogue (spinning wheels inside), old-style electric meters with digital meters that communicate with a larger Smart Grid.  The Smart Meter, so-called because it can collect detailed information about energy usage in your home and communicate it back to a central command and control system at the utility company, communicates with the Smart Grid through pulses of radio frequency electromagnetic energy. Testing shows that most of the radio frequency pulses that occur numerous times per minute do not contain information about your utility usage but are for the purposes of the Smart Meter on your home or business synchronizing with the Smart Grid. Your Smart Meter will send detailed information about your electricity use around seven times a day. It has also been shown, despite the bleating of utility officials to the contrary, that Smart Meters emit RF energy at a strength around 300 times that of a cell phone. The installation of Smart Meters went to “warp speed” due to hundreds of millions of dollars funneled to utility companies through the federal stimulus program.

So, why should residents and customers of utility customers be so concerned about the use of Smart Meters? We believe the concerns fall into the following areas: health problems, privacy, security, cost, and freedom.


By:  Justin and Elizabeth Padgett FEDERAL LAW The 2005 and 2007 Energy Bills were written to promote the smart grid and smart grid technologies, but they did not include any federal mandate for a wireless smart meter adoption and did not include any requirement that smart meters, wireless or wired, should be forced on all …

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A Message to the EUB and City Council of Lubbock

To Texas’ shame, a smart meter report entitled, Health and RF EMF From Advanced Meters, has been put out by Alan Rivaldo, an unqualified former Xerox employee turned Cybersecurity Analyst, who has absolutely no medical expertise on the damaging bioeffects of EMFs to human tissue.  Incredibly, the Texas PUC sponsored report, funded by the Department …

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